Friday, November 11, 2011

DANCE EXPEDITION - Dance Ontario Event

Time : Sunday, November 13 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Location : The Arts & Letters Club
14 Elm St.
Toronto, ON

Doors open at 6:30pm, Bar available.
$10 at door only (no reservations)

Artist List:

Lise Moulet
Olga Barrios
Companero de Bailar
Chemagne Martin
Arabesque Allspice
Sung-Ah Choi
S.Y.O. (Shirin Yousefi & Yumi Onose)
Johnathan Morin
Ariel Len

This is the 3rd edition of Dance Expeditions!
Dance Expeditions presents an exciting and diverse group of dance and performing artists at the third showcase in a series of 8 dance events on Sunday November 13, 2011. The showcase includes artists who bring alternative approaches to dance expression and whose dance focus fuses styles, or addresses issues relating to gender, body image, spirituality, politics, specific disabilities or any other element that represents diversity. The showcase is open to amateur, professional and community artists.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CoexisDance #40

coexisDance #40
september 24th
Arraymusic Studio
60 Atlantic Avenue
admission $10

set one
minae omi / naoko tsujita (percussion), toshio tatsu oki (percussion)
corrie sakaluk / andy yue (synthesizer), raphael roter (percussion)
shirin yousefi, yumi onose / zoë alexis-abrams (vocals), michael lynn (double bass)
robert halley / rob piilonen (flute)
set two
minae omi / naoko tsujita (percussion), toshio tatsu oki (percussion)
corrie sakaluk / rob piilonen (flute), andy yue (synthesizer)
shirin yousefi, yumi onose / michael lynn (double bass), raphael roter (percussion)
robert halley / zoë alexis-abrams (vocals)

A dance piece from " ! 2011"

Choreographer: Masaki Iwana, Ken May
Music: Tom Zunk
Dancer: Alice De Ixime, Honza Svasek, Minja Mertanen,
Iaro Rasomiaramanana, Jean-Gabriel Manolis,
Julie Hoczyk, Sayaka Akitsu, Shirine Yousefi,
Yumi Onose

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Tuesday at 7:00pm - March 30 at 2:00am
The Great Hall
1087 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
Created By
Rafi Ghanaghounian, Daisuke Takeya, Kateryna Topol
More Info
Our heart and minds are with the Japanese people and now its time for action!
The Toronto arts community felt the shock much like everyone else when images first started to appear on the news and stories through friends started to come in

Many of the artists have traveled to Japan as visiting artists or to study its rich culture and its embrace with nature and nurture. We have made many friends and built bridges through collabora...tions and deep friendship

Curator Rafi Ghanaghounian and Artist Daisuke Takeya are organizing a fundraiser event that will bring the arts community of Toronto together to support our friends in Japan both mentally and financially. All artists and performers will give their time and efforts for this very cause

This night will include musicians, artists, poets from both Canada and Japan. As well galleries have donated books and other items available for purchase

Thank you for your support!

Participating groups, sponsors and partners:
The Great Hall, GUU restaurant, K6cards, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Japanese Visitors Association (JAVA), Nihongo Art Contest 2011, Toronto Artists Fund Raising, Orange LLP, Healing Japan, Hardboiledinc for doing our shirts!!

Special Thanks to: Kateryna Topol, Christine Seki

Participating galleries (more coming!):
OBorn Contemporary, Le Gallery, Show and Tell Gallery, Art Metropole, Koyama Press, Narwhal/Magic Pony, OUCHI Gallery NYC

Participating artists (more coming!):
Howard Podeswa, Laura Horne, Fiona Smyth, Yuriko Kubota, Tomori Nagamoto, Winnie Truong, Nicholas Di Genova, Shigeko Okada, Keiko Tokushima, Ayako Bando, Sonomi, Kobayashi, Bernice Lum, Ron Loranger, Pierre Julien, Richelle Forsey, Jae-hong Ahn, Juno Youn, Miki Shinozaki, Keita Morimoto, Shinobu Akimoto, Yumi Onose, Shinya Kumazawa, Martin de la Rue, Joshua Choi, James Fowler, Martin Ouellette, Patrick DeCoste, Daisuke Takeya, Matt Evans, Martin Reis, Aisha Simpson, Harvey Chan, Peter Chan, Shary Boyle, Akira Yoshikawa, Rie Aikawa, Bud Fujikawa, Laura Adams,Tanya Reed, Dasar, REN, Amy Wong, Risa Kusumoto, Chrisopher Hayes

Participating performers:

Your MC's for the evening:
Rafi Ghanaghounian and Nana Akimoto

Clara Venice and Ken Ogawa
Nobu Adilman: Choir!Choir!Choir!
Rambunctious featuring Michael Louis Johnson
Ashely Ingram

AKA Dance (Keiko Ninomiya, Amy Hampton, Mike Dell)
Natasha Bailey, Nayeon Kim, Adam Herst, Yumi Onose
VPV (Daisuke Takeya, Ayumi Sawada, Tatsu)

tea ceremony:
Tomori Nagamoto and Mika Sato

poetry by:
Ewan Whyte, Bonnie Bowman

DJ to the Stars...Derek Mainella

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

FADO presents / they perform on friday and on saturday they respond to friday

Two nights!
Friday January 14 at 8pm
Saturday January 15 at 8pm

213 Sterling Road, Toronto
$10/PWYC (you pay once only)

Simon Rabyniuk , Jo SiMalaya Alcampo , Yumi Onose
Claudia Wittmann

FADO Performance Art Center

Friday, December 10, 2010